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Parts and Equipment Sales

WL Port-Land Systems Inc. Has Built an Extensive Vendor Base, Positioning Us With OEM Status

Our purchasing services include:

  • Structural Fabrication
  • Bulk Material Handling Equipment
  • Process Equipment and Instrumentation Control
  • Electrical Distribution Equipment
  • Motors
  • Drives

WL Port-Land Systems Inc. will source the equipment, fabrication, or parts, negotiate the order, manage the logistics, and deliver results.

We are committed to attention to detail and optimal results with cost savings for our customers.

Silo Parts and Bulk Material Handling Equipment Sales

Order Your Parts from Us.
We Simplify the Ordering Process for You.

Bulk Material Handling Equipment Hoppers

  • Our Knowledge of Your Facility Makes It Easy to Supply the Right Parts
  • Relationships with Vendors Allow Us to Get Discounts Due To Bulk Ordering
  • Our Millwrights Can Install the Parts
  • Logistics Services, Such as Customs Navigation and Expediting

WL Port-Land Systems Inc. is a well-known EPC contractor serving the Feed & Grain sector as well as various industrial markets, specializes in designing and building green field facilities, performing renovation and expansion projects, and assisting their valued customers with any other request they may have relative to plant operation.

Whether it’s supporting bulk material handling equipment we initially installed in your facility or existing equipment you may have operating, it is another service we provide.

Process Equipment Hoppers

We keep your process and bulk material equipment running properly and as efficiently as possible. We want to give a best-in-practice level of service and commitment to our existing customer base and any potential new customer to eliminate any downtime that may incur by being your one-stop shopping aftermarket parts provider.

WLPLS has a team of dedicated professionals who know the equipment installed within your facilities and have a great rapport with the vendors who supplied the original equipment.

Through our valuable relationships and knowledge of the bulk material handling equipment, we can provide you with a recommended spare parts list when you purchase new equipment or for equipment that has been running for years.

Pipes for Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Our team has the experience and knowledge to provide technical support, top-notch sourcing capabilities, and even handle logistics to ensure your spare parts get delivered as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Often, we can procure the spares needed at contractor pricing levels allowing us to offer you a competitive total cost solution.

We invite you to try us out the next time you need replacement parts or may be thinking of replenishing existing stock levels as part of your preventative maintenance program.

Contact us to see how we can help make your aftermarket parts ordering process a great experience. Please contact Vince Marze for your bulk material handling equipment and aftermarket sales inquiries.

Parts & Sales Contact

Vince Marze