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Industrial & Specialty Projects

Today’s fossil fuel power plants consume large volumes of coal and limestone and produce large quantities of both fly ash and bottom ash.

Bulk Material Handling Project for concrete facility

WL Port-Land Systems Inc. slip-form concrete and steel silos or stacking tubes can offer the most economical solution to large-volume storage.  WL Port-Land Systems Inc. can provide engineered solutions to your coal, limestone, and fly ash storage requirements and associated bulk material handling systems. Our material handling expertise extends to belt conveyors, drag conveyors, screw conveyors, and pneumatic handling. Ash storage systems can be designed for truck or rail car load out.

Our engineering and construction knowledge and experience in concrete and steel silos can be called upon for inspection and trouble shooting of your existing storage silos.

Case Study

Power Plant

After being presented a request for proposal package with design drawings, we performed value engineering and proposed modified construction techniques securing the design/build contract for two slip-form concrete fly ash silos and one slip-form concrete bottom ash silo while resulting in a 31% savings in concrete and 23% savings in hopper fabrication weight for the Owner.

Case Study

Power Plant

The plant needed to increase the coal silo fill rate requiring a larger belt conveyor with significant increases in imposed loads on the silo roof. We designed a structural steel frame to transfer a majority of the increase in imposed loads to the silo wall resulting in a very economical modification.

Industrial and Specialty Projects

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