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Coffee cup at Professional Association Meeting

Join A Professional Association

Over the years, our company has become active in various professional organizations. Not only has this made a positive impact on the WL Port-Land Systems Inc. employees who are members, but it shows our company's commitment to staying current with what's happening in the industries in which we work.

These associations publish journals and newsletters and have Web sites with invaluable information on up-to-date issues and developments in their specific fields of interest. Moreover, they coordinate professional development conferences complete with industry-related trade shows and facilitated networking opportunities.

When you join a professional organization, you deepen existing business relationships and make new ones. And as you attend periodic meetings and become active on committees or take prominent leadership roles, you forge lasting ties with others who have common professional interests and similar business concerns.

As some of our readers already know, our company currently belongs to the National Safety Council, the National Turkey Federation, the American Feed Industry Association, the National Chicken Council, and the Grain Elevator and Processing Society, among others. Many of these associations offer their members the chance to update their knowledge of business and trade basics and to acquire new skills through seminars, workshops, break-out sessions at conferences, and online educational courses. Our industries are constantly changing and the more information you gather — coupled with expanding every available new networking opportunity — good things will happen for your company.

And as we continue to grow and diversify as a company, WL Port-Land Systems Inc. will continue to look for new membership opportunities. For as long as we have been involved in these organizations, we can honestly say without reservation that our membership has left a positive imprint on the landscape of our company and it has proven to be instrumental in the professional development of our employees. As we move ahead and grow as a company, we expect that being active in these organizations will make us an even better company.

Shouldn't your company reap the same benefits of professional association membership?

Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss this at a more personal level. We would love to hear from you.

Written by Vince Marze, Director of Purchasing & Logistics