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Feed Mill Renovation Project

Smithfield Hog Production

Smithfield Hog Production Feed Mill Renovation Project


Warsaw, NC

Project Description

Design/Build a feed mill major renovation and expansion.

Project Details

  1. Shut down and demolish the south mill, south load out, south warehouse, south receiving and south liquid storage
  2. Replace and consolidate receiving including structures and equipment
  3. Refurbish whole grain grinding and upgrade grinding
  4. Consolidate all batching and mixing in the north mill
  5. Relocate the existing tote and micro systems
  6. Install post-batch grinding system
  7. Construct a new slip form concrete pellet annex building
  8. Rebuild and convert three (3) pellet mills
  9. Replace the liquid tank farm, structures and equipment
  10. Replace the downstream liquid coaters and liquid enzyme addition systems
  11. Convert the south quad silos to flat bottom silos
  12. Replace the conveyance systems system
  13. Modifications and upgrades to the Jumbo Silo
  14. Construct three new electrical buildings and replace switchgear, MCC’s, VFD’s and power wiring
  15. Structural, control system, and electrical repairs and upgrades
  16. Site development